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Trifold Mattress XL – Comfortable Thai Massage Pad, Foldable Relaxation Floor Mattress Filled with Kapok, Perfect to Use as a Sleeping Mat 79 x 39 inches, Blue

Trifold Mattress XL – Comfortable Thai Massage Pad, Foldable Relaxation Floor Mattress Filled with Kapok, Perfect to Use as a Sleeping Mat 79 x 39 inches, Light Blue

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Color: Sf15 - Blue
  • Contents: The large fold mattress measures 79 x 39 x 3 inches (WxDxH) when spread out, 39 x 27 x 9 inches (WxDxH) when folded and is 3 inches inches thick
  • Material: The camping mattress for adults is filled with kapok. The stable and breathable fiber used for the Thai mattress allows for a pleasant and comfortable seating position
  • Field of application: The XL floor mat is versatile in use. It can function as a massage mat, a guest bed, and as a TV floor seat for reading or relaxing. Additionally, it is suitable for camping
  • Special features: Thanks to the cotton cover and its double seams, the large fold mattress offers great support and comfort for the back and body. Also, durability and steadiness are increased
  • Vasora philosophy: Our name stands for sophisticated design. From chic vases to comfortable yoga cushions, all of our products are manufactured responsibly in traditional Thai craftsmanship
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Vasora trifold mattress XL – comfortable floor mattress for versatile use

The Vasora foldable futon offers a pleasant sitting and lying position and can be used for various occasions. The extra-large trifold mattress can be utilized as an additional guest bed for the living room, as a backrest floor-seat for reading or watching TV. The Thai massage pad is upholstered and provides a steady and yet comfortable position whilst resting. The camping mattress can be folded for better and space-saving storage. Thanks to its robustness, the outdoor mattress can be used in apartments, on terraces, in gardens as well as on boats.

The special kapok filling increases the firm structure of the floor mattress and adds a supporting effect.

Product features

Material - Cover: cotton
Material - Filling: kapok
Dimensions trifold mattress spread out: 79 x 39 x 3 inches (WxDxH)
Dimensions trifold mattress folded: 39 x 27 x 9 inches (WxDxH)

Special features

Upholstered relaxation floor mattress
Traditional Thai design
Double seams for better durability

The perfect complement

This mat can be combined with the Vasora triangular-shaped cushion. Whether in apartments or gardens, this large floor mattress calls to relax and unwind, offers the perfect seat for watching TV, and is the best accessory to create a harmonious, cozy style.

Vasora – Interior and more

The Vasora brand stands for sophisticated design using selected materials. From fancy floor vases, matching dry and decorative branches to seat cushions, mats, and yoga blocks, the wide range of products includes everything needed for a harmonious environment. Our products are handmade. For this reason, each product is unique and may vary in shape, color, and size